The MHMUK Magazine

March/April Edition

  • His Story and New Album Updates: Rob Westall
  • How To Stop Difficult Thoughts: Seyi O’Deb
  • You Are What You Think- Zoe Louise
  • Mental Health and Spirituality…by Jason Needs
  • Workplace Mobbing by Folashade Olupitan
  • Single Mum: Ruth Allen
  • Fashion and Style – Seyi Jones Fashion House
  • and other interesting features

Publication Date: 9th March, 2019.

Jan./Feb. Edition

  • Shoggy Tosh: A Man Of Grace
  • Carol Bertogal’s :Stop the Fighting
  • Say No To Drug-Dr B. Adenubi
  • How To Train Your Brain…by Jason Needs
  • Who Cares? by Ruth Allen
  • Me And My Relating Style by Ronke Uboh
  • The Struggle Is Real (Poem) – Zoe Mitchell
  • Introversion And Mental Health Pt 2 by Folashade Olupitan
    and other interesting features

Other Issues

  • An Interview session with Sarah TEIBO
  • 12 Ways To Avoid Burnout At Work by Seyi O’DEB
  • How To Retrain Your Brain to Think Right Pt1 by Jason NEEDS
  • Postnatal Depression and Mental Health by Mellonie PAGE
  • Introversion and Mental Health by Folashade OLUPITAN
  • Daamaged by Ruth ALLEN
  • Who is Pulling Your String by Ability JOE
  • Fashion and Style: Seyi Jone Fashion House
    and other interesting features
  •  Runaway from…Runaway To by JWALKER of TLD
  • You Have A Friend In Me by Ruth ALLEN
  • Why You Need Psychotherapy: by Jason NEED
  • Unreal Men On The Rise: Woes To Porn Video by Seyi O’DEB
  • Family Supports and Mental/Illness by Christina DA SILVA
  • Will Socialising Be Helpful? by Mellonie PAGE
  • Who Are You And Why Are You Here? by Ability JOE
  • Fashion and Style
    and other interesting features
  • I Am A Survivor by Adetutu VOJ
  • 10 Mental Health Issues You…Don’t Know by Seyi O’DEB
  • Effect Of Social Media On Our Emotional Wellbeing by Mellonie PAGE
  • Call To Greatness by Ability JOE
  • In Between The Lines by Ruth Allen
  • Diet and Mental Health
  • Fashion and Style
    and other interesting features
  •  Mental Health: Layman’s Guide by Seyi O’Deb
  • Effect of Music on Mental Health by Mellonie PAGE
  • Summer What Can Go Wrong by Ronke UBOH
  • Mental Health and Technology by ABILITY JOE
  • Where The Four Legged Member Makes A Difference by Dr Wemy ADEBOWALE
    and other interesting features
  • My Testimony by Christina DA SILVA
  • Worthless Vs Worthy by Ruth ALLEN
  • Be True To Yourself by Ability JOE
  • Get Your Life Back From Depression by Seyi O’DEB
  • How To Support Your Depressed Partner
  • and other interesting features

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