Free Course: Mental Health Studies – Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression

Many challenges and complexities caused by our global world and the ever high technology environment take their toll on our mental and physical wellness. There is a huge need to stay balanced and live life to the fullest in the face of all these challenges in every sphere of human endeavour. The effect is creating …



We can literally CHANGE OUR MIND, did you know that? I mean actually change the brain on a neural and biological level. This article is in no way exhaustive but simply a look into the basics of how retraining your mind can work. What I am trying to put in two articles is what I have learned through reading a number of books that are hundreds of pages long, so for me to put this in only two articles is a serious squeeze but hopefully enough to give the reader some hope and working knowledge to get started.

Why I Recommend Choosing Psychotherapy – Jason Napalm

Psychotherapy encourages cognitive changes, and positive thinking based on scientific facts and methods, it does support the medication being used but seeks to eventually release a person from psychoactive drugs and help them to stand on their own two feet and gain a substantial degree of control and power in a person life to live beyond the limitations that have been imposed on them by Mental Health problems and traumatic experiences.