World Mental Health Day


Why I Recommend Choosing Psychotherapy – Jason Napalm

Psychotherapy encourages cognitive changes, and positive thinking based on scientific facts and methods, it does support the medication being used but seeks to eventually release a person from psychoactive drugs and help them to stand on their own two feet and gain a substantial degree of control and power in a person life to live beyond the limitations that have been imposed on them by Mental Health problems and traumatic experiences.

The Fear of Doctors – Ruth

When you have mental health issues some people can put you in this little box of theirs, where I have been known as crazy or stupid when its nothing like that at all...

10 basic things will help you look after your mental health – Seyi

People wonder why mental health is such a buzzword nowadays due to the fact they are yet to come to term with this concept describing the state of human mental well being and it impacts on the individual’s socio-economic balance. The statistics are closing upon every individual on this planet. Needless to say that it …