Quote of the Week: I’m Possible


Why I Recommend Choosing Psychotherapy – Jason Napalm

Psychotherapy encourages cognitive changes, and positive thinking based on scientific facts and methods, it does support the medication being used but seeks to eventually release a person from psychoactive drugs and help them to stand on their own two feet and gain a substantial degree of control and power in a person life to live beyond the limitations that have been imposed on them by Mental Health problems and traumatic experiences.

The Past and The Future – Joe

Is there more at stake to the choices you make than just your future? Could you be living a life that is not of your own making? These were the questions that raced through my mind one very ordinary looking day. It turned out to be a mind-opening day.

Remembering Madiba-Nelson Mandela

Madiba's political and activist experience were marked with pains, disappointments, torture, incarcerations, inhuman treatment by the hands of his captors and yet on achieving freedom and power 'forgiveness and mercy' was his scepter with which he led his people.

An Evening of Song With Ronke

Join one of our editors for her special event- AN EVENING OF SONGS WITH RONKE UBOH Also featuring Poetry and Testimonies! We celebrate you Ronke. God's presence shall make the difference. facebook.com/Ronke Uboh

The Fear of Doctors – Ruth

When you have mental health issues some people can put you in this little box of theirs, where I have been known as crazy or stupid when its nothing like that at all...