Carol Crawford and Eric Reverence along with their team created what seemed to be a seamless and powerful event that covered a total of two days. The first day was a workshop which covered the importance of evangelising in this modern world asking soul searching questions such as ‘Do we model the gospel?’, ‘do we provide training in evangelism?’ and ‘do we have a whatever it takes attitude?’ delivered by Evangelist Tony Anthony who emphasised his passion for this arena.

Juliet Fletcher and Roy Francis enlightened us with the history of the UK gospel industry which gave many Artists food for thought followed by a panel which consisted of influencers such as Noel Robinson, O’Neil Dennis, Michael Thompson and Johnny Sanders who answered much-needed questions for the participants.

Day 2 was the headlining event, whereas all the Artists performed and got the audience on their feet, from contemporary, gospel, pop, reggae, rap, to music in other languages

Ibe Giantkiller (Premier Gospel) as MC

the crowd was given a palette to fulfill their appetite for more of Jesus and it was apparent he resounded in this place.

There were no limits of age at the Gospel Explosion Summit, as the William girlz and the Kinglands Children’s choir wowed the audience with their energic, well thought out and synchronised performances.

VisionsTVonline and Starr Radio were able to interview the Artists and…Read more


See more beautiful pictures here

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