Venting The Mind by Jason NEEDS

Anything that has an ENGINE needs a VENTING SYSTEM, whether it is a car, power plant, generator etc, the need for a venting system is so that the engine doesn’t overheat and explode. Our MINDS and our BRAINS need to be able to VENT also, otherwise it will likewise explode.
It is said that 70% of ALL ILLNESS are PSYCHOSOMATIC, what this means is that when our mind/brain is overwhelmed by stress and negative thoughts etc, the stress is carried over into the body resulting in a variety of illness such as eczema, asthma, heart problems, pains and a weak immune system. Therefore we need to vent our minds.

One of the scientific Laws of Thermodynamics is that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” “It can only be converted to another type of Energy” or it will remain the same and build up until released. So our mental energy built up through stress or overworking our mind/Brain will have to be released one way or another. Typically, the mental overload of energy will be converted to our body in the form of Kinetic Energy or Physical Energy, result in us having to release this energy through a physical action and sadly we may release it in destructive ways such as Anger, Violence, even sexual aggression. The energy we have stored in our mind can only be stored for so long and then it will eventually explode with results we didn’t desire, so we need to be able to learn to take that mental build up of energy and release it as kinetic/physical in a productive and positive way.

To vent our Minds we can do many things, here are a few that can be used to convert our mental energy into physical energy… Continue reading

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