Resilience in The Workplace by Martina Witter

I have always known that I was an emotionally strong girl, teenager and now woman, but I never really knew why and what factors contributed to this. I was raised in a single-parent household with three siblings by my beautiful late mother, Dorette, who unfortunately died during my final year of university during 2002. The circumstances were horrifying and traumatic, but I somehow managed to successfully navigate through this major loss and completed my degree in Psychology against the odds, graduating with a 2:1 classification. I share this experience as I recognise that others may have given up, dropped out of university, been understandably depressed or even suicidal, as one of my siblings was. During the storm, I remained optimistic about my future and developed resilient thinking. I believe my Christian faith, optimism, strong social support, self-efficacy and network allowed me to stay afloat in the storm. This adverse experience, along with many others in life such as disappointments ,compromised physical health and broken relationships, inspired me to publish my first work book : Resilience in the Workplace : From surviving to thriving in the workplace , in business and as an entrepreneur which is available on amazon.

Emotional resilience is the aptitude to navigate successfully during challenging circumstances whilst learning and growing through these experiences.Emotional resilience consists of  having the capacity to emotionally recover successfully from adversity including stressful situations and crises (Pecillo 2016). This is evident if someone has become depressed following losing a loved one or has developed anxiety followed a setback. However, with time these mental health difficulties will subside and they will return to their premorbid functioning.

Do not judge me by my successes: judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again’ — Nelson Mandela

Resilience in the workplace and business

High levels of employee resilience is correlated with improved productivity and performance in the workplace through more effective decision-making and problem solving, which will contribute to success and enhanced profits. Organisations that facilitate employees and business owners in developing emotional resilience experience reduced employee stress levels and improved health and immune systems. This is important as we know that stress is pervasive and contributes to reduced productivity levels. Research suggests that 58% of entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Get Martina’s new book on Amazon -Resilience:
From Surviving to thriving in the workplace, in business and as an entrepreneur

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