It is OK to Cry by Zoe LOUISE

Don’t keep it in, don’t be too strong ,
You need to cry once in a while before you go off like a bomb

We hide behind the mask like things are ok ,
it’s not good to keep things inside as they will never go away

It’s ok to cry you need to let it out ,
You’ve been hurt and betrayed without a doubt

You are angry and disappointed of how life’s become,
You’re hardening up your feeling it’s been going on too long

You won’t let it out, you don’t want to cry ,
You’re welling up inside with tears in your eyes
Always holding it in, don’t want to loose your pride ,
Life’s been tough for you, but you need to cry

You know it’s a struggle, just give it to God.
He will heal you from pain of how you were wronged

Let the tears run down your face don’t ask yourself why,
Just know once in a while it’s alright to cry

©️ Zoe Louise

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