Contributor Guidelines

MHMUK Magazine Guidelines for Contributors

MHMUK Magazine is a free UK based digital magazine published bi-monthly. It is a brand of MHMUK; our voice and everything we represent in print. At MHMUK our vision is to see a mental wellness culture driven society; we are on a mission to take you from where you are as far as your mental health is concerned to the place where you ought to be in a non-judgemental supportive environment. And we are determined to use every platform deemed fit to achieve these goals.

We welcome contributions from all and sundry, in form of stories, new releases, articles, special feature but all this are subject to our aims and goals (read it here) in order to ensure that all contents provide mental health benefits; are supportive and non-judgemental; actionable and positive.

So if you are sending your pitch to us, please ensure it represents what MHMUK stands for to get a sure chance of being featured in our magazine.

We accept the following:


True Stories


Life hacks that make life much easier( only those that promotes good mental health and physical health; and prevent bad mental and physical health will be considered)

New Album releases (only those that provides mental health benefit)

Press release If you are from an organisations such as charity org., NGOs, Musical groups etc

News on trending topics on mental health research

Please note: All contributions must provide mental health benefits. We do not pay for stories in order to maintain the integrity of the stories we feature on our magazine.

How do I send my contributions?

Before you send your pitch please ensure you read our guidelines to help you come up with something we cannot afford to miss or reject. We love and look forward to featuring your work, but only pitches that provide mental health benefits will make it to our magazine.

It is expected that your initial pitch is informative, educative and have facts that are well researched and referenced. Its length should range between 1000 and 1500 words. Anything more than this will be considered at the editors discretion. All works should be original.

When you are sure and ready to send your work please send to

We receives many entries for our bimonthly publication, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible (within 1 week at most).

We have editorial team who will ensure that submitted work are in tune with our values, aims and objective. When your work is approved and ready for publications you will be notified. Note you may be asked to make correction all in a bit to provide the best for our readers: they deserve the best and our supports.

For further answers to other questions you may still have please go to FAQ section

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