Happy Holiday

Video credit: alphavmgraphics@gmail.com

This is my special way of saying THANK YOU to every special one of you who made 2018 happen for me. Ultimately, I give God all the praise and glory for His enduring grace and mercy. This year has been great and fulfilling even in the midst of challenges. Thanks, guys for being there. I want to say a big thank you to Rebecca Bristow and her husband Paul Bristow, and also Laura Perry for your selflessness, kindness, and undeniable love for my family. I do not take everything you have done lightly.

Also, I want to thank every MHMUK Team member

Adebowale Oluwawemimo Oluseun
Onwughalu O. Joseph
Ronke Uboh
Ruthie Allen
Christina Da Silva
Jason Napalm

Our MHMUK Mag. Contributors

Mellonie Page
Folashade Awoseyi
Adétutù VesselofJehovah
J.Walker of TLD
Sarah Téibo
Ronke Awosanya Asepo

Also to 
Tosh Shoggy for his selflessness and kind gestures
and to every one of you who believed in me and my team ‘Thank you’. You guys rock. Take care of yourselves and Merry Christmas.

Whosoever appreciates never depreciates. This short video is for you all.

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