We can literally CHANGE OUR MIND, did you know that? I mean actually change the brain on a neural and biological level. This article is in no way exhaustive but simply a look into the basics of how retraining your mind can work. What I am trying to put in two articles is what I have learned through reading a number of books that are hundreds of pages long, so for me to put this in only two articles is a serious squeeze but hopefully enough to give the reader some hope and working knowledge to get started.
     I first came across this possibility in a Christian book written by a Christian neuroscientist called Dr. Caroline Leaf, and I found it very eye-opening. I knew we could change our way of thinking to a point via positive thinking but I didn’t know that we could change our brain as well as our thinking.
     That was a few years back now and I have read other books on the subject and was amazed that a person could retrain their brain. I went on YouTube today and searched for videos on the subject and every single video on the subject of retraining the brain was made by new age gurus and eastern religions! I was unable to find just a simple video on the science of retraining your brain…
     So does this mean that retraining the brain is a new age practice? … No! it is actually a Biblical practice supported by scriptures that speak of renewing our mind e.g. “As a man thinks, so he is”,  “Casting down imaginations” etc.
    My point here is that we need to be careful not to take advice about retraining our minds and brains and thought life from doctors or therapists who do not stay with the Biblical and Scientific ways of brain training but instead add new age thought therapies, spirituality, meditation, and third eye methods.
   I support retraining the brain and mind because, (1) it is scriptural and  (2) It is a proven possibility neurologically and scientifically, without adding new age and eastern religious methods and cult based brainwashing. Seek Christian help that is based on scripture and true empirical science and avoids any new age methods.
    Our brain can be changed and retrained and it is a powerful way of overcoming and dealing with many mental health problems and trauma but only when it is based on faith in Christ and medical science. Read more…


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