Why I Recommend Choosing Psychotherapy – Jason Napalm

Hello, my name is Jason Needs, I am 46 years old and a committed Christian living in Westcliff On Sea, Essex England. I am married to Joanna with 7 children ranging from the ages of  6 to 25 years old, I am also a psychotherapist, personal trainer, songwriter and recording artist. I began my studies in psychology and especially psychotherapy back in 2005. After struggling with PTSD and panic attacks, my goal was to understand  the why, how and what of the mind and brain and how it worked and especially how it affects the body in psychosomatic ways, I was personally mentored by a psychotherapist friend who worked for Bupa and was a sister at a Psychiatric hospital.

Upon completion of my study course in Psychotherapy via Open College and receiving my diploma, I began to counsel people privately and mostly voluntary while working full time as a personal trainer at a local gym, to gain experience and see the results of my counseling methods which were very well received by clients and proven to be effective in practice. Since 2005, I have continued to keep up-to-date with the world of psychology and I have even added to my studies-neuroscience and neuroplasticity, understanding body language and facial expressions from fbi professionals to increase my skills as a psychotherapist.

I have total confidence in my skills and knowledge of psychotherapy and the areas of study I continue to do. As a psychotherapist, I know that there is no miracle cure outside of divine intervention that will get rid of personal problems regarding Mental Health, mainly because Mental Health isn’t simply “all in the mind” and can be “gotten over” it is much deeper and is not only a psychological matter but a neurological matter, whether
it was a genetic defect to start with or through an accident or illness involving the brain etc. Mental Health is very much part of a person and includes everyone in the world.

Psychotherapy was the choice  I decided to follow because I see many failures in the field of Psychiatry and in the methods of Psychiatrists. Psychotherapy despite using the word psycho is not limited to the area of psychopathic behaviour, rather it is a practical method of retraining the thoughts and neurological patterns and behaviours of the mind and brain. Psychotherapy, unlike Psychiatry, doesn’t “brand a person with a condemning diagnosis” and try to treat the symptoms of Mental Illness with pharmaceuticals alone and leave you to accept a life of no purpose and condemned to suffer as a nonfunctional member of society, Psychotherapy provides the means and methods to change the effect of Mental Illness in our lives and help us to change our way of thinking, thereby changing the effects of psychological disorders and making them manageable and possibly overcoming in some cases psychological limitations.

Psychotherapy encourages cognitive changes, and positive thinking based on scientific facts and methods, it does support the medication being used but seeks to eventually release a person from psychoactive drugs and help them to stand on their own two feet and gain a substantial degree of control and power in a person life to live beyond the limitations that have been imposed on them by Mental Health problems and traumatic experiences.

The service I can provide is one of excellence, professionalism, deep understanding of not only years of psychological and scientific studies but personal experience with PTSD, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia, as well as loss of loved ones and suicidal thoughts. I provide empathy as well as sympathy, confidentiality, faith-based and non-faith-based therapy and counseling. And a determination to see clients succeed and reach goals they never thought or believed possible. I personally use the methods and techniques I have developed over the past 13 years and have seen changes and goals reached in my life that I did not think possible.

Am I completely free from my PTSD? Panic Attacks etc? …Read the concluding part of this interesting article in our free monthly Magazine: The MHMUK Magazine Sept/Oct. Edition.


Jason is a volunteer Psychotherapist at MHMUK. If you want help, you can contact him by filling out the contact form on our website. Ask for a free counseling session with Jason.

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