Summer: What can go wrong? – Ronke

Ronke Uboh1

Warm glorious sunshine is upon us again, just what we wanted, just want we needed, out with the coats in with the floral summer dresses. What could ever go wrong?

It is well known that Sessional Affective Disorder (SAD) is commonplace in the winter months; SAD is defined as “a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern” (Wikipedia).

In the summer months it is generally believed that the sunshine goes a long way to boost emotional well-being, while this could possibly be the case for some, sadly not everyone is able to cope with the pressures that summer brings. The warmer months make people feel the need to tick all the expectation boxes.

Research has shown that SAD (Sessional Affective Disorder) is also commonplace in the summer months. Low moods, anxiety, stress, and depression abound in disguise during the warmer months, as our culture in the Uk and other western countries unconsciously places a lot of demand on emotional wellbeing.

Typical of summer are the fancy family holidays, the perfect body, the wardrobe anxieties and increase of social events, barbecues and occasions. The pressure to wear nice summer clothes like everybody else, the post-holiday syndrome/blues,  the pressure of keeping the kids continually entertained during the long holidays, the longer days shorter nights, boredom as routine is sometimes lost,  all these and many more factors affect the ability to cope without feeling overwhelmed.

If summer or the build-up to it has made you anxious, irritable, depressed, and worried or overwhelmed in the past it could likely happen again if you don’t do anything about it. Being aware of your mental health and well-being is important to your quality of life. You can talk to a trusted friend, family member or seek professional help by asking your GP for counseling. There is also private counseling which would require a cost.

Counseling is a talking therapy where your thoughts, feeling, and emotions are explored in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


Ronke is a qualified Mental Health Counselor as well as a singer and songwriter. She manages her music outfit RonkeMusic with several singles to her credit. 


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