Maintaining a balanced Mental Health – Seyi

If a balance is in the equation you would avoid a tipping over. Do these ten things to enhance a balance of mental health.

1. Always see yourself as valuable: Most times we are too busy with the world and its affairs that we forget who we are, what we are capable of doing that nobody else could. You are someone’s solution and that makes you special and valuable. This is key to a life filled with joy even in trying times.

Your value is not validated by circumstances, it is by what your belief is about YOU. This is a worthy foundation for a joyful life.

2. Take care of your body: Taking care of yourself enhances a good mental health. Excising: This triggers happy chemistry within your body, which helps reduce depression and anxiety and improves mood; good eating habit – Nutritious food; drink lots of water- Cleanse your system; sleep well. Lack of sleep contributes a great deal to depression so says, researchers.

3. Good companions: Make the habit of surrounding yourself with good people. Good people are still out there. It’s only a question of who you are. To attract the right people to your life endeavour to be right for someone.

4. Set goals and take things one at a time: Goal setting is good but it’s got to be realistic for it to be helpful even for your mental health. Also take things step by step, one at a time. Your mind works best when it is focused.

5. Meditation: Rid your mind of noises- unhelpful thoughts that produce unhealthy feelings. Quieting your mind help enhance therapy. Meditation and prayer are good ways of improving the state of the mind. Also improves your outlook on life.

6. Try volunteering: Giving a helping hand to someone who needs it is a happiness booster. When you use your time, energy, talents and gifts to add value to humanity, it feels good. Try it from where you are. You don’t have to wait to be rich to help.

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