The Journey Begins – Seyi

MHM is a fusion of concepts in various initiatives geared towards providing the bridge people with mental health needs to get from where they are to where they need to be, and MindHealthMusic is one of these initiatives

My name is Șeyi, I am a minister, writer, singer/songwriter, and blogger. At some point in my life, I worked in the social care industry where I had a hand on experience and knowledge in mental health and care of people with this challenge. Consequently, by virtue of my role, I developed a passion for anything relating to this area of human life experience.

There is a startling statistics that is still lingering and the thought of it is ever so scary:1 in every 4 people will develop diagnose-able mental health problems ranging from anxiety to a more complicated one like schizophrenia; 615 million people suffer from anxiety or depression;1 in 10 children and young people are affected by a mental health problem; suicide is the single biggest killer of men under age 45 and a lot more. Now if these figures are not shocking to you, I wonder what will. More shocking is the fact that a massive number of people don’t know ‘cos of lack of awareness. Scary as it all sound it does not have to stay that way. THERE IS HOPE.

The subject of mental health is very close to my heart and I have made up my mind to pursue this course to a worthy conclusion and I hope you will partner with me through your involvement. Gospel on the Beat a route to mental health is an amalgamation of concepts put together to help stem this menace in our society all through the application of divine wisdom: among others is Christian music therapy via a selected purposive music video posted on a regular basis; music concerts; the WORD therapy via interview with Christian mental health practitioners and WORD sessions etc So what is our goal:

  • Help stop the menace of mental health challenges through WORD oriented initiatives, packaged in various forms to deliver the goal very dear to God’s heart…I wish above all things that you prosper even as your soul (MIND) prospers.
  • Help destigmatize issues relating to mental health

A lot of time, energy, expertise and resources are the mix that will make this initiative a reality. Therefore, I need your help and support in driving this vehicle of the Gospel of LORD JESUS CHRIST to every nook and cranny of our society where this menace has caused so much damage.
Your contributions will help us in the following area

  • Create content that will worth your while
  • Conduct quality interview with experts
  • Organize Christian music concert
  • Invite resource persons for our various shows

You are welcome to our world, and invite family and friends who believe in this course to join you.

Thank you.


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